Sunday, October 09, 2005

why do people still buy Windows based PC's?? (who knows!)

(you dont need anti virus software on your mac, anyone who tells you do, is telling bullshit!.. UNLESS YOU want stop any PC virus being spread to another PC.. but who cares about that when you are mac user :-) )

Imagine this scenario.. Here is your brand new car, sir. Drive it off the lot. Yahooo new car you say to yourself. Suddenly, new car shuts off. New car barely starts again and then only goes about 6 miles per hour and it belches smoke and every warning light on the dashboard is blinking on and off and the tires are screaming and the heater is blasting your feet and something smells like burned hair. You hobble back to the dealer, who only says, gosh, sorry, we thought you knew -- that's the way they all run. Enjoy!"... You just wouldn't accept this would you? Well it seems Many PC users do. I am continuality confronted with people who wont look at Macs' buy a new PC then ring me within 2-3 days and say, my computers acting up, it has a virus.. and blargh blargh blargh! People its time to wise up.. Windows was designed in 1995 and it belongs there!

So why does Windows Still Suck?

Because it is a fundamentally flawed defective architecture and foundation. Windows was never designed to work in the computing environment of today: The Internet. It was merely repackaged to be sold for that use.

Windows was never designed to be secure. It was designed for a closed network, where the appearance of security was adequate. Think of Windows like a safe that has a lock on it. Microsoft keeps improving the lock with every published exploit of their "safe." The only problem is that the lock is not the problem, because the safe itself is made of painted paper. It looks good from a distance but is easy to breach from almost any angle even accidentally by simply leaning on it.

Now a paper safe left in a locked office is pretty secure, because the office is secure. But a paper safe left outside in a crowded area is likely to be tested. And if a bunch of identical paper safes appear in the same crowded area are tested, found to be easy pickings and contain goodies.... Well you can see what is happening when Windows systems are placed in the crowded area called the Internet.

Microsoft will have to re-write Windows almost from scratch (like Apple did MacOS) to fix it but that will break most of the applications that people buy Windows for in the first place. Microsoft can't do that!!! So instead they lie about how the problem is everywhere else except in their products. Microsoft tells you to "buy this and buy that addon....then you'll be safe... Oh you got infected or owned???? You dear customer (who sends us $$$) are an idiot. You did not buy enough useless protection." Have you figured out Microsoft's game yet?

Microsoft and their co-dependents the large PC hardware makers/sellers are like an auto maker and dealer network that tells you that its your fault that the paint melted off the car you purchased from them after a single hour of rain. After all you did not buy the clearcoat paint that was offered after market somewhere else for extra $$$. So it's your fault. We got your money. Tough.

As far as Microsoft is concerned *you* the customer cannot expect that a product they sold you will operate in the environment they told you it would work in: The Internet.

If you don't believe us, we challenge you to remove all the anti whatever addons you have on an MS Windows system and then use MS products for web browsing and email. But please do not use a system you care about (or that has your personal info and tax records on it) to do this....

MS Windows defects create an entire add-on market for bandaid anti-virus, anti-worm, anti-whatever software and hardware that really does not work. Have you noticed that only Microsoft systems require Anti-Whatever software! Why? Because Microsoft Windows is a completely flawed defective product.

Anti-Whatever products only cover the problem like paint over dry rot. The Microsoft code in Windows is the dry rot.

Can Windows be used safely on the internet?

Yes.... but you need to be both somewhat vigilant and not follow Microsoft's recommendations OR your PC makers recommendations either for that matter. PC makers to get the best prices are in bed with Microsoft by definition.

The basic steps for safe Microsoft Windows internet access are:

1. Do not connect a new Windows XP/2000/NT system to the Internet until after you have completely updated all security patches. Nothing that comes out of the box is secure and then you have to remain vigilant for all the new patches that will be needed in the future.

2. Windows ME is more problematic than Windows 9x, but can be made to work.

3. If you have Windows XP you must install Service Pack 2 at the minimum even if it breaks your applications.

4. Install Mozilla Firefox

5. Never use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook or Outlook Express on the internet.

6. Do not use SBC/Yahoo! bundled software. It is built upon Internet Explorer

7. Do not use Comcast bundled software. It is built upon Internet Explorer.

8. Do not use AOL. It is built upon Internet Explorer.

9. Do not use MSN. It is built upon Internet Explorer.

10. Do not use Microsoft Windows Media Player WMV files. They can execute programs on your system without telling you.

11. Avoid online banking. Banks are not responsible for your losses as some have learned the hard way.

12. Do not install Kazaa or swap *free* music online.

13. Do not watch *free* videos from offshore pornography sites. This is the Windows Video file issue.

14. Do not install Norton or McAfee antivirus software. Crackers love these products. So easy to disable and the computer owner can't tell.

This list continues on for many pages, make this easier just BUY A BLOODY MAC!!! GEEEZ!

Why would you want to compromise your use of the internet and its many wonders cause you decide to use a fundamentally flawed operating system? So you think costs is hold you back from buying a Mac, what cost is it to you to reformat your hard drive 3 times a year or more, every time your system crashes, gets a virus or whatever other random error happens, and how much time PC owners spend doing patches, updates, scans etc just to keep nasties out? Let alone trying to get things to work!

Besides games I can not find a compelling reason why anyone would want a PC, and you really want to play games, get a game box (like Xbox, gamecube whatever). All applications that are on PC are on Mac, many good ones are on Mac only!

Someone recently asked: "How will we know when Windows is a safe product?" Answer: When no anti-whatever software is bundled or required to use Windows safely on the Internet. Until then you know it is defective.

It is getting harder to tell when a Windows systems is compromised. And no Anti-whatever software will detect and remove these core exploits, because they control the entire system and tell the cobbled on antiwhatever software that everything is fine while they report home to their real master on the internet in some foreign jurisdiction outside of any US laws reach. These exploits have been around for years, but Microsoft has just recently acknowledged them.

So what I am trying to say.. get a MAC!

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