Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have an iPad, like many a person these days, and as I have wi fi in most places I use that. I don't need a plan for data or anything like that, but on the odd occasion , business travel etc I need to use 3G data on a pre paid Telstra sim. On a recent work trip I tried to recharge my 3 year old sim, which I top up every 4-5 months..... but it wouldn't work... so I rang Telstra, its expired they say.. you haven't used it in 6 months so we have cancelled it,  of course Telstra never told me it was going to expire. They told me go buy a new one, or better yet get one on a discount at a supermarket. So while a bit disappointed , I did exactly that. I got a pre paid sim for half price , great deal I thought, then I tried to activate it, that went ok, despite the instructions in the booklet I got from Telstra pointing me to the wrong web address.

Ok all going good, or so I thought, I find out the iPad keeps saying sim faulty, invalid etc... so spend 30 mins on tech support trying to figure it all out. I told them 3 times I bought this from a supermarket, they kept telling me take it back there, so I did, the supermarket refused , they said I have to take it back to Telstra shop.  I rang the support people, and they said same thing, take it Telstra shop and they will just swap it. Mind you I live 45kms from the nearest Telstra shop.... anyways take it back.. they just say, "NOPE,  YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK to Woolies"....  so now here I am again about to waste more time and more efforts and more petrol to get a simple sim card from Telstra to work!!

No wonder I have not been with Telstra for years, their customer service is terrible, one part of the company says one thing, the shops say another, I only use Telstra for the odd times my Optus service is no good. I wont be going back with Telstra once I finally get this sorted out.


After 30 mins on the phone again with TELSTRA support, I managed to convince them to send me another SIM card in the mail, after my very poor experience with the TELSTRA store, so now I await the new sim, lets see if this works!

UPDATE: August 16th.

New sim arrived, and active, wow only 4 days to solve this.. but at least its solved.