Thursday, July 03, 2014


A few weeks ago, I went for to the doctor just for a checkup on a cold virus I was having, as the doctor performed his examination of my back and chest, to check on my lungs etc, he noticed a few moles that looked a bit strange (lucky for me my MD is a skin cancer specialist). He asked me to come back when I was well for a full body check. A week later I come back for a full check, during that examination he said he didn't like the look of 3 of them, and a special tool he was using determined that 3 moles needed to come out and be checked with pathology. I said "when do you want to do the surgery?," he said "right now!".  So I got the moles removed and the surgery was done. 2 days I went back to the doctor as the surrounding areas where getting very sore, it seemed I got an allergic reaction to the adhesive tape and skin was being chemically burned, so the nurse changed the pads to something with a more natural adhesive. While she was changing my pads over, he come into the nurses office and said I just got your results in, we need to talk now. So I went into his office and he pointed out pathology had found 2 of the moles were bad and one very bad, so much so it would kill me if I leave it, as it was starting to matatsizse, so I asked when could he do surgery , he said in 30 mins, we need this out now. So right then I prepared for surgery and had 3 areas removed on my back with many stitches.  He seems confident that all of it has now been taken, but I am waiting on my latest pathology results. After a very sore and exhausting week, I am now on the mend, but as he  put it on me, if I had done nothing then by July next year, I wouldn't be having anymore conversations. It was a total fluke I went to the doctor and he picked up this issue. 

All I can say, if you have never had your skin checked , go do it.  I am always very careful in the sun, and always wear hats and sunscreen and always have shirt on. But as he said this damage was done before you were 10, so nothing you have done in the last 30 years IS the issue here. 

Glad to still be here, is all I can say.

Update  I just got my pathology results , I am all clear !