Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why I have bought my Last Hyundai !

I have been a Hyundai owner for over 15 years, first buying a Santa Fe in 2001, and then an Elantra in 2003, In fact I just bought a new 2014 Elantra in early last year. For the most part I am very happy with my HYUNDAI Cars.

However my 2001 (GLS) Santa fe in 2013 needed a new right hand outer transfer case seal after leaking started to occur . I bought the part from Hyundai, and checked it was indeed the correct part , ordered against the vin number of the vehicle, (ordered by Hyundai) , but when it come to fit it, it didn't¹t . I ordered a second one from Hyundai , It was even ordered against the VIN NUMBER AGAIN it did not¹t fit again, after extensive calling and phone calls to their parts supplier  it was found that no one stocks the correct part. I even rang Hyundai customer service and spare parts in Sydney (head Office) , and they said that both the right hand drive and left hand drive appear to be the same size , which is incorrect, ( the right hand drive shaft seal is slightly larger than t he left hand one). This part has been used on Santa Fe¹s for over 7 years, well within the 10 year limit!

Unable to find a genuine part, I had no alternative but to fit a third party seal, this failed within 6 months, again I went through the arduous process of trying to get a real part from Hyundai, to no avail, thus I fitted a 3rd party part again, it too failed within 8 months, so again, THE FOURTH time, I got the so called correct part, it also doesn't fit, so I called customer care, and they basically said, the cars over 10 years old now, so we don't have to help you, you are on your own. 

With that response and so called "customer care" I will never be buying a Hyundai again.

While I understand they don't have support the car for parts after 10 years, there are cars 40 years old you can still get parts for, and people help you to find them, to be fobbed off and told "go away", unacceptable!! 

You have lost a customer forever Hyundai !!!