Sunday, October 15, 2006

Best TV series of 2006!

Well this series takes the cake. best TV series to come out of the USA in a LOOOOONG TIME... I have been lucky to see the 1st part of season 3, and this take TV series to a whole new level! Makes everything else on the old box looks dated and boaring! About time someone took TV into a new level of engaging and thought provoking stories!

BUY this DVD set when it comes out.. it is brilliant writing, acting, visuals the lot! Just do it!


A total surprise to me , I never saw this at the movies.. but I have now seen this on DVD, and let me tell you...this movie rocks.... best movie since IF you havn't seen it... go see it!!! Buy it... give it as an xmas present! Good to see Adult/kids animation back in action, unlike some other crocks (like "the wild" or "open season", which are TOTAL CRAP!) 9/10! (minus 1 point for some sucky music), they should have used open season's music with talking heads wild wild life!