Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Follow the link, and listen. Finally puts to rest this whole silly debate about what is HD or REAL HD TV. Enjoy

Thursday, May 10, 2007



Like many others I have been enjoying TV when I want it, what I want it. But its not on a shiney little plastic disc, and its not from my cable company and its hardly from my local free to air channels. I don't watch any ads, and if I want, a whole season of a TV show, I just subscribe to it. I am talking about itunes or Xbox TV and movies service. I will gladly pay the provider of content ($1.99) what to watch, from Heroes to Battle star, to House to The Office, with no ads, no station logo, and not cuts or editing so the broadcaster can fit in more ads.

Broadcast TV is going the way of the DODO, many advertisers are VERY concerned as 75% of the demographic between 18, and 35 no longer watches TV, listens to the radio or reads a newspaper. And why may well you ask, well, one reason , advertising, there are far too many ads on radio, or TV to handle, you cant even follow some TV shows.

An example recently was a friend of mine who said he keeps hearing about this HEROES show, but he couldn't get into it on broadcast TV. I told him go get an a subscription to it on Itunes, then you watch it when you want, un-edited, in order, and no ads, he now loves the show, and suddenly can follow Battlestar and a few others shows that have been on broadcast TV, but he couldn't follow them with all the ads, and being shown out of order.

Also people are used to the internet experience of getting just the right information relevant to them. What can linear radio or newspapers offer in that regard? Having to wade through pages of NON interesting information just to read to bits you might be interested about, its a technology that just is not suited to the information age. Thus when it comes to our leisure time, we want what we want, and we want it now, not when a TV station tells us. We want to watch it on a large screen TV with surround or we want to watch it on a train or at the office when we on a break. Portable video players a massive hit in Japan, where as much as 60% of TV is now consumed on an hand held device. I myself still like the cinema experience when watching TV or movies, but its all about choices, which is what broadcast TV stations DO NOT give us.

The relationship is quickly becoming between the viewer and the content creator, and the broadcaster is quickly becoming irrelevant. I suggest if you are sick of your TV broadcaster, then check out your itunes store or xbox live channel, or one of the other online delivery methods of getting your content downloaded to your home, and watch shows the way the producers indented it to be watched, uncut, no ads, and in order!