Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Surprise hit and miss movies of 2005.. so far

Continuing reviews of movies I have decided to do one on movies for the year (so far), this is short little list of outstanding movies for the year, be it bad or good!

1. The Island – A Wonderful surprise hit of the year done by the same person who did Armageddon (MR Michael Bay) ( AMRGENDDON being a totally woeful flick that embarrasses Bruce Willis these days, and who could blame him). Great performances from Ewan McGregor AND Ethan Phillips (Aka Nelix from Star Trek Voyager fame). A good mix of SCI Fi and action, with some moral dilemma mixed in, a bit of cross between Blade Runner and Irobot to me. It was a total surprise, with very little hype around it, worth a few views and one to be sure that will be in my DVD collection.

2. Serenity. Well not really a surprise hit, as I knew this was going to be good, as the series totally rocked! Joss has shown us a great fresh new look into the world of SCI FI, between a western and the grit of Blade Runner comes this great new gene of SCI FI that has great acting, story telling, best dialogue and a totally non Hollywood ending. Look forward to more of these...

3. Batman Begins. At first I though.. “Oh no.. not another batman movie.." but then after I saw this it made every other Batman movie suck! This is a truly Adult treatment of Batman, with great acting, effects, and even a compelling story, based a little more in reality than the silly kids fantasy stuff we had in other Batman movies. Morgan Freeman really shines in this one, another for the DVD collection!

Stinker of the year

1. Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Well there are MANY other crap movies I could mention (like Sin City, which only should be viewed by sick sadistic morons), but this stood out, as it had such great potential.. so much hype should have given it away as a stinker..., and couldn’t even be saved by Johnny Deps great acting, and the kid from finding Neverland. It just never hit the mark, the humor was totally lost, and YET COULD HAVE been such a great re-make, stick the original 1970’s version with Gene Wilder people!

Got any to add... disagree... add comments.....


Yeti Thunderfoot said...

harsh dude, so harsh, where does all the anger come from, suggest a nice warm cup of bonox and a sing-a-long to the sound of music. buy hey, I'm just a sick sadistic moron, who also happened to like The Island and Batman begins. Guess there is no accounting for what sells eh! But when was the last time studios really card about putting out a quality film.

Captain Mal said...

well its all horses for courses, I am sure some arty types found lots to like in sin city.. I tried to look at all the arty facets of the film, but, I just could get past all the bloody gore.. but then again I dont get Zombie movies either, so go figure ;-)..... Reason I got soooo disapointed with CCF is that Jonny is such a great actor and just was wasted (IMHO) in this.. its like a good red going down the drain to me... thus the angst.