Friday, March 17, 2006

XP on a Mac!? why?

Well this is the only reason I would see you would want to put xp on a mac!


The next version of windows is called VISTA.... but what does it mean???... the secret is out!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I had a fun experience on the weekend... (NOT!)... I was waiting for my friend at an Big Department store that sold macs (NOT A APPLE STORE)... while waiting, I heard the sales man preach on to poor dumb customer, that Intel macs were no good, and nothing runs on them, and this is why you should by these two g4 powerbook 15inch's for your self and your daughter to run word and surf the net! When sleazy salesman went to get even more ripp off accessories, I had a quite word with the guy, pointing out you are being lied to, and salesman is trying to rip you off, and get rid of old stock, and you should really be getting the Mac book pro, as he is charging you the same price for them anyway! When customer asked sales man (after he returned) why he wasn't selling him a Mac Book Pro (Intel)... he said same old line... oh nothing runs on them (and he didn't have any in stock), they don't work right etc etc.... and you should just buy these two laptops (at 7 grand!).

The customer said " I think I will leave it thanks", the sale dude looked at me and said "what did you say to my customer", "if you don't like what I say LEAVE!", at this time I saw red, and told the sales dude STOP lying to the customer, and telling him half truths, and ripping him off, at this time the salesman let fly a hurl of abuse to me, and anyone else.... by this time the customer, just said.. forget it mate... I not buying anything from you... and walked out.. and thanked me as he walked by! I so HATE sleazy salesman!!!! I think the guy walked out to find a REAL Apple store!