Friday, December 23, 2005

xmas time... again....

new cam pics... :) yea...

Merry Xmas .... to me ;)

Xmas come a little bit early for me.. as all my new toys arrived today......Besides my new Quad G5, with 4GB ram and 1.5 TB of hard drive space, with a new Dual 23 Inch cinema display, I also got my new Camera gear, a Nikon D70s, and a new Sony hvr Z1 HD CAM with some great new wireless mics, and a miller tripod etc etc etc… here are just some pics of the new gear… (workstation I will post in the new year when I get it all set up ☺ )

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Serenity .... WHAT Australia will get in the DVD set

The BAD NEWS is that the rating will not be a sticker and will therefore be permanent. The GOOD NEWS is the they have decided to print the sleeve double-sided. The inside of the sleeve will be exactly the same as the outside but with the rating removed from the front, spine and back. This means that when you get it home, all you have to do is pull the sleeve out, turn it over, pop it back in to the amaray and voila, you have one Serenity DVD sleeve with no visible rating! Yea!

As previously mentioned, there will also be a couple of exclusive packaging options/gifts with purchase. I can confirm that:

1. If you buy Serenity on DVD at JB H-Fi, you will receive (over the counter) an exclusive Slip Case/O-Ring that carries Joss Whedon's signature (these are not individually signed but the signature is part of the artwork). The O-Ring itself will have a mat finish and parts will have spot gloss and embossing so it will look fantastic!

2. If you buy Serenity on DVD at EzyDVD, you will receive (over the counter) an exclusive Tin Case. These have been produced by EzyDVD with artwork that we have provided and that artwork will be slightly different to that above so that it is exclusive.

3. Not a packaging option, but if you buy Serenity on DVD at Sanity, you will receive an exclusive Serenity Mouse Mat for FREE!

GO GET IT PEOPLE. IT will be soooo Shiny!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is Australia?

I was in Sydney this week, and couldnt help notice this VERY BAD grammer at a Gloria Jenes Coffee shop at Darling Habour! No wonder the Queens English is stuffed with people posting signs like this!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Time for an UPGRADE

....this has been my set up for the past 2.5 years. Taken a few months back.. as I now have a video 8 and umatic 3/4 inch players in this mix as well (consoles on the LEFT)... its all about to be upgraded next two weeks witha quad g4, and a 23 inch cinema display, with sony Z1p HD cam, will slave the duel g4 off as a batch file compressor, and extra editing console... as if you hadnt guessed I am an editor.... cant wait...