Thursday, April 18, 2013

NBN Changes my home life!

I am one of the lucky people to be in an area that the NBN has just rolled out to (Bacchus Marsh). Just after one week I can tell you its changed my home life (and my work).

I am a video producer by trade, thus having access to high speed internet is very important to upload video clips to clients. This was never possible on my old ADSL 1,  384kb connection, as it used to drop out and take hours to try and upload such 4 + GB files.   In addition I have two sons at home, avid online gamers, and video on demand watchers, and so too is my wife. Add all this up on ADSL = FAIL!

Now with the NBN (the 100MB down 40 MB up service, via Internode)  I can be uploading files to clients, watching a VOD service , and so too can the xbox which allows VOD service, all the while, the guys can be uploading their favourite clips to you tube, while playing an online game, while using the new voip PHONE without the internet so much as giving a hiccup.   My time to upload to clients is now measure in minutes, not hours, or days or having to sending hard drives in the mail. My Skype calls are in perfect clarity and HD video to the other side of the globe. Buffering of downloading you tube videos or getting a streaming video happening on iview or other VOD service is a thing of the past. Sending large attachments in emails happen in seconds not 30 to 40 minutes later. And this all happens at 20 dollars a month cheaper than I was paying for Telstra's terrible congested ADSL 1 service !

The NBN shows just a glimpse of what is possible with real speeds , and the ability to work , communicate at the speed of light will have quantifiable payoffs in productivity and reduction in wasted time and which will pay off in cost savings and also more time spend with family and friends , be that in the real world or virtual one.  The technologies and services that can now be developed with these speeds available to every home in Australia can now be a reality , not a dream.

Don't let any Government in Australia tear down this great service , this infrastructure project is as,  if not more important than a national highway system, or snowy river scheme!!  The cost and efficiencies such a scheme will bring have not even begun to be measured. Let the NBN be allowed to be continued to all Australians, and let us be an example to the world of what can be achieved if we have progressive long term plans that help every Australian individual, and business be competitive on a world stage.

Many countries look at our system with envy, and my recent trip to USA proved that USA internet is flaky, costly and poor. As they are dictated by commercial forces. I have many an international associate tell me they wish their government had the same vision as the current Australian one,  to deploy such a scheme to truly help all the citizens.

Let us finish what has begun!