Saturday, October 01, 2005


Anyone that knows me, knows I am large Firefly Fan, and I finally got to see this movie yesterday (called serenity) its got to be THE best and saddest movie this year! As Molly would say, do your self a favour.. and see this. best SCIFI movie you will see all year! so Fox CAN WE HAVE the TV series back now???


Cara Bradley said...

Hey ya Grant! Grant's Rant... has a nice ring to it! My uncle Danndy was working on Serenity last time I was there visiting. Glad you thought it was good... well great really. I will have to see it upon returning to Australia. It won't be out in France for another 3-4 months gaurenteed!

Captain Mal said...

well it should be there also, it has a world wide release all at the same time....but really I would recommend only seeing if you have seen the Firefly series on which it is based!

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Awesome movie...thanks for telling us in about this terrific series (and movie)!


Captain Mal said...

Anytime, check out BSG from the Beggining again.. I think you will enjoy that too.. allthought the humor and fun of Serenity (Firefly) is hard to find any any show let alone SCI FI.