Thursday, July 29, 2010


I just rang Telstra and got the most disinterested sales guy out! I was ringing to see of Telstra might be competitive enough to move my accounts to, and to get a new iphone 4, it went like this....

I said I have 3 accounts with optus, and I get free calling between my accounts, and I pay this much, get this much data, calls and free sms' and mms, on this plan with optus, and I can order over the phone and get it delivered to my house, as I live 100kms from a Telstra shop, can you match the prices etc.... OR even offer me something thats competitive to that to switch my accounts,

he said, "NOPE, cant do any of that or even close sorry, AND YOU HAVE to come into a shop, we are not doing online sales till September"

Me: "Ok thanks for your time, I will be signing with Optus again then"

he wasn't even interested in giving any deal or incentive or anything, and even said "take it or leave it"!

With that attitude I wont be calling them back again, I havnt talked to Telstra in years, and I guess I wont be again.. good to see nothing much has changed!

They are still not competitive!

I have good coverage and speed with Optus, so the line of we have better speed and coverage doesn't wash with me !

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