Thursday, January 05, 2006

Best Tv show of 2005!?

The fabulous SciFi Channel remake of the 1980's classic Battlestar Galactica, starring Edward James Olmos has been picked by Time Magazine as the best television program of 2005.

For the fans of the dark and gritty series this comes as no surprise, but it certainly caught everyone else off-guard.

Why has this one program on a highly genre focused cable network won over the hearts and minds of the general viewing public? Simple math. Add a great writing staff and behind the camera crew, with an immeasurably talented ensemble cast headed up by the award winning Olmos, gripping stories each and every week with heart-stopping special effects and how could you miss?

Congratulations BSG it is a well deserved accolade.


Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Best TV sgiw SHOULD have been FIREFLY!!! If ONLY we could have had just ONE MORE season!

Captain Mal said...

Well firelfy wins hands down as the most inovative TV series, but it was shown in 2002-2003. So didnt qualify in the 2005 ratings.