Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things that annoy me!

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1. Bad drivers
2. People who bash Mac's
3. Narrow minded people
4. Bad customer service at shops or services
5. Corrupt Governments
6. People who scam and rip you off
7. Companies that do the same
8. People who don't like SCI FI
9. People that bash Mac's
10. PC's in general (I hate windows)
11. People who are false and stab you in the back
12. Did I mention people who bash Mac's?
13. Australian Drama TV (its all rubbish)
14. Heavy metal or Jazz music
15. People who put monetary values above life!
16. Rapp crap and hip hop music its all TRASH!
17. Stupid inane chat on FM radio stations... Well most radio stations in general suck... Long live podcasting!
18. Reality TV, ALL REALITY TV SHOWS, they all suck! I WANT to watch TV to escape, NOT to watch some one like my neighbour, digging holes in the backyard, or painting their walls, or surviving on a fake desert island, get this crap off our TV screens!

(Got anything to add, send it to me, and I will see it makes my list)

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