Friday, August 06, 2010

Why the Android will fail.

Piracy problems undermine Android's growth against iPhone

It seems android have replicated the PC games market, massive pirating, little to no controls over their apps, poor quality coupled with a poor user experience. Apple is often critiqued for being over controlling in its apps store, but the developers love it, as they get their return on investment. The android will not encourage anyone to develop on its platform when it does nothing to stop developers hard work being exploited by pirates.

This is why the game consoles of today have much more development on them than ever before, and why the PC games market is near death. Games consoles have a tight control over what can be run on them, and you try and run a pirated game on them , it either doesn't work, or the console maker bricks your console. The only way the PC market can make any money is from monthly online subscription fees (World of Warcraft monthly frees for example to play online).

Sometimes a loss of loss of some flexibility is a good thing for all. So don't go ripping off apps on your iphone, pay the developers for their good work, and encourage better app development, even if you do jail break your iphone, otherwise we will all end up with the android broken model!

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