Wednesday, November 23, 2005

MAC's ROCK... but why?

Some people accuse me of being a Mac Zealot and thinking Macs are perfect white machines that never fail. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact I think its most PC owners that are the Zealots....well the ones who protest at the highest tower as soon as you say Macs are better or Windows sucks.

I have used Macs and Pcs consistently for the last 20 years, and I have extensive experience on both platforms! That's right I use both systems daily. In fact I have more experience on PC's than Macs. But if you go to a restaurant and continue get bad a bad experience then you don't go back, well avoid it where ever you can (Windows) I choose better food, and one that doesn't give me a bad experience 9 times out of 10. Thus like most Mac users we have tasted the bad food and choose not to eat there any more, and if we cant avoid it,eat as little as possible. Like most food, some people like , some do not, what you like, your mate doesn't.. that's fine. But SOME PC owners think they can look at the window of the restaurant, and say YUCK! Sorry PC Zealot you are a hypocrite!

Windows continues to offer a bad experience to users, and now with 4 layers of virus protection, COUPLED with spyware, maleware, Trojan ware, whateverware and chickenware the whole net experience on Windoze is bad. You have to be some tech head to figure it all out.... and you are accused of being some simpleton if you choose a Mac above a PC by the Zealots cause you don't have a degree in computer science, or enjoy spending hours configuring your PC to actually be on the net, and constantly look over you shoulder for some nasty trying to get into your computer.

A recent person who converted to Mac after his whole life on windows said to me , he felt "naked" on his Mac, as he had no Virus protection, spyware etc etc running.. to which I answered no.. now you are free to use the net and all it offers with out Paranoia, fear of anything affecting your computer, now you see what Mac users are talking about, after 2 weeks of owning a Mac he has said, he doest know why he didn't do this years ago. Why indeed!? Most PC zealots have NEVER owned a Mac or even used one for that matter, thus have no IDEA what they are talking about, except FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) spread by wives tales, rumour, or prejudice by PC zealots WHO HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING of Macs at all.

Macs are not perfect, they have issues like any appliance, but next to a PC they start looking that way. For ever one problem I have had with my Macs over the years, I guarantee PC owners have had 100's. This is why over 1 MILLION PC owners have switched to Macs in the past 12 months.

So all you PC zealots out there, its time to put up and shut up. Wanna stay on your heathen box's fine... but don't bag what you don't understand, cause. You are just being RACIST!

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